You Won’t Believe What Jane Austen’s Leading Lady Dressed Like

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Let’s face it, no matter how ‘ardently’ admirable Mr. Darcy might be, we are all carrying the banners for Team Elizabeth Bennet. Jane Austen made that choice for us when she wrote the character of Lizzy Bennet.  She reads, she mocks the silly ideals of society back in the 1700s, she takes no nonsense and she knows just what she wants. Austen’s ladies have always been a subject of fascination and rightfully so. Emma’s Vanity, Elinor Dashwood’s practicality, Mary Crawford- the Femme Fatale & Isabella Thorpe’s easy and fun style.

We asked readers to share how they thought their favorite heroines would dress and the favorite ones made it to this list.

  1. Elizabeth Bennet

Book Buzzed Jane Austen

Simplicity and Wit are the accessories we want to see Lizzy Bennet sport.  A woman of strong resolve, Lizzy dressed with no intention to please anyone but herself.  She wore boots when she was off to visit Jane at Netherfield. So, what if Darcy sees her in boots, they were a more practical choice than heels. Sneaking in her wardrobe, you’d surely find a few more pairs of riding boots and a pile of books for late night reading. Then there would be a section of some neat petticoats and flowy linen dresses. A nice warm overcoat would be found, we know Lizzy’s sense of practicality. Some very flattering pearls and rings would be found. Not to forget a light shawl passed down from Mr. Bennet’s mother to her favorite granddaughter.


  1. Emma

Book Buzzed Jane Austen

The book covers, the movies, and the many character illustrations got one thing just right – Emma was stylish, elegant and Jane Austen gave yet another timeless character. Here’s what her wardrobe certainly consisted of –

A wide brim fishing hat might seem too loud but it has Emma written all over it – just something to have all eyes on her, even while fishing! A chic cocktail dress for all those evenings with Mr.  George Knightley is also something that you would find in Emma’s closet. Following another 19th century trend, Emma probably had a wide collection of fascinators. Headgears have always been a thing for girls, be it tiaras or flowers. A pearl earring to give her that touch of royalty and finally finishing it in style with red hot heels.


  1. Lady Catherine De Borough

Book Buzzed Jane Austen

Dark colors and Victorian jewelry probably made for the majority of Lady Catherine’s wardrobe. The rings and necklaces were a special highlight. From Judi Dench portrayal of the character, we can derive the love for voluminous wigs, since the loved Toni & Guy volumizing sprays sadly didn’t exist back then. One way of showing off her wealth for Lady Catherine is her pompous dresses.  Seven layers of nets, crochets, poplin, and satins, in the present day, these dresses could suffocate you under their weight. While the tradition of wearing braces to highlight the curves was gone by this time, corsets remained a major part of a lady’s attire.


  1. Mary Crawford

Book Buzzed Jane Austen

Let’s just say the things that made up for Mary Crawford’s carelessness towards her appearance were her wit and beauty bones! A simple woman with a not so tasteful lifestyle, Mary wasted away her days with Fanny Price. Have you wondered same as me why is Mary Crawford not the heroine instead of Fanny? Mary’s signature red scarf would certainly be a part of her wardrobe. Not being much of a gaudy dresser, Mary probably went for one of those comfortable linen gowns with a sweetheart neckline.  The boldest item in her closet would be an off shoulder – agreed? The sun hat for all those High Tea’s they keep having at Mansfield Park.

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