You Might have missed These Fantastic TV Shows Based on Books

TV Shows Based on Books Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (ABC)
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Earlier this year, after having extinguished everything worth watching on Netflix, I moved to Amazon Prime. Now I am a sucker for all things inspired by the English Culture and when I saw Maggie Smith, I got to watch it. Need I tell you what followed? There are so many fantastic TV Shows Based on Books and It will be one of the many regrets of my life that I didn’t learn about Downton Abbey sooner. Hooked would be an understatement for my love for Downton Abbey, let’s just say I am crossing the dates on my calendar until the release of the movie adoption.

Not that the shows scripted as shows are bad but let’s just say we’d rather watch shows that are based on books.  So here are some shows that few know have originated from books –

The Last Tycoon

The Last Tycoon comes from the best that there has been – F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is one of his underrated works and the show didn’t grab as much attention as it should have probably due to the fact that it shows the side of the showbiz that no one’s interested in – the world of the moviemakers.  A story of how a genius producer with the best ideas in those times perishes and fails like many talents do in the world of filmmaking. You can catch Robert DeNiro playing the lead in the movie or catch the small screen adaption, that features Lily Collins and Matt Bomer among others.

Hemlock Grove

Did you know Brian McGreevy’s book of the same name didn’t quite turn out to be what it should have been? So, if you are going gaga over Hemlock Grove today, you should probably try the book. If you believe Rotten Tomatoes, the show is worth much less attention than the book but for some reasons, it has done good business. The book is about the weird things happening in Hemlock Grove, a town that has no middle class – you’re either filthy rich or exploited poor. Find out more about Netflix.


Poldark is legit the best that there is, if you don’t take BBC’s word for it, take mine! It is based on Winston Graham’s book with the same name. Poldark is about a brave red coat returning back home after the American Revolutionary War only to find his love about to get married to someone else. His father is dead and there are the ghosts from the war front not leaving him be.  This series is packed with adventure, mind games, loads of historical fiction – just the way we like it! So,  read the book or watch the series, but don’t miss it! Oh, and not that it makes any difference but remember Kili, the cute dwarf from The Hobbit? Aidan Turner, the actor who played that role is Poldark in this one.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Three words – jazz clubs, 1920’s, she sleuth – have I sold it to you yet? No, the producers aren’t paying me but Oh, this show is a delight, you should watch it! Miss Phryne Fisher is a super sassy Private Detective and she puts all she has to get the mysteries solved – and if there are any compromises made, it is the other party that compromises. If you think Galbraith’s Cormoron Strike was as sly and arrogant it gets, waits till you meet Miss Fisher!

Black Sails

If you haven’t given up on Pirates of Caribbean after watching the fifth part, I suggest you watch Black Sails. This show is based on R.L. Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island and they don’t make shows better than Black sails when it comes to pirates being a subject. Black Sails is as adult as radical as you would imagine the pirate Long John Silver to be. He is the man they write pirates after – a leg cut from the knee, a pet, and a wry nature. Mark Twain was so correct when he said if we lived this life right, God might allow us to be pirates.




So that’s my list of awesome 5. How many of 5 have you watched already?

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