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Earlier this month, HBO started an American television series based on Gillian Flynn’s debut novel Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. It is the third time Flynn’s genius has been adapted for a TV series. Earlier her Dark Places and Gone Girl, were made into major motion pictures.

If you heard the ruckus over Gillian Flynn and thinking if she is worth the stress ( well yes, stress because, with Flynn, you leave for a journey to the dark world), I will help you decide which side of the coin you want to be in.

A Chicago based reporter, Camille Preaker has returned from a psych hospital after fighting her mental illness. She is sent to her hometown where lives her neurotic, hypochondriac mother and a half-sister. She returns to her Victorian mansion to cover the murder of two preteen girls. She needs to investigate how the murders are related to each other. The complexities arrive when Camille’s starts connecting the murders with her long-dead sister and her own past.

Camille’s hometown is filled with dark elements and nasty characters. Everybody has their secrets; even the town conceals many secrets within itself. The setting created by Flynn is not just convincing us to be in a traumatizing psychological darkness but also making us believe the dark side of the human psyche. Flynn somehow challenges the notion of “women as victim” in almost all of her books. Here, especially she forces us to question the instincts we have for women in general. She proves women can be cruel, manipulative and not always kind.

This disturbing yet fascinating text not only revolves around a serial killer but explores not-so-obvious but unhealthy mother-daughter relationship along with going deep into the minds of complex characters.

The face you give the world tell

the world how to treat you

One of the interesting things about its narrative is the story shows Preaker is seen seeking the mystery of the two girls but we as readers or audience seeks to figure out what happened to Preaker, why she drinks nips, we question her song selection and her random flashbacks. The audience grows curious to unravel the mysteries surrounding Camille’s past.

If you are really into something serious, this book should be in your reading list, because this book is not at all funny. It can scare you with its disturbing characters. Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects is a must read and a must watch.

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