Six Bollywood Actors Who Can Play The Lead Roles “If Call Me by Your Name” Was Made In Bollywood

Call Me By Your Name
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Andre Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name wasn’t even done collecting the accolades from the readers and the book critics when the movie based on the book dropped. Adding more to the applauds were the actors cast in the movie, each nailing the role they portrayed. Call Me By Your Name is a story about the summer a  17-year old boy Elio finds out he’s in love with a man and the romance that follows. Timothee Chalamet has become the new sensation among the younger generation for the portrayal of Elio. Armie Hammer, who plays  Elio’s love interest is the topic of conversation among the ladies.

We tried to put together a cast that a Bollywood remake of Call Me By Your Name would have. This is as close as we could get to finding talents that could meet the standards set by the actors of the original movie.

  1. Hrithik Roshan as Oliver

Book Buzzed, Hrithik Roshan

Oliver is played by the dashing Armie Hammer. He is the student whom Perlman’s are hosting for the summer. Since the character is supposed to be hot enough to have girls swooning and sensual enough to pull of ‘Call me by your name, and I will call you by mine’, we think no one could be better than Hrithik Roshan for the role.

Siddharth Nigam as Elio Perlman


A boy about to step into adulthood, Timothee Chalamet did a brilliant job portraying Elio on screen. He had just the right amount of charm, mood swings and teenager issues to do justice to the role. As his Indian counterpart, we pick Siddharth Nigam, who has been a part of television and a few movie ventures as a child artist.


  1. Anupam Kher as Mr. Perlman

Call Me By Your Name

Mr. Perlman is just the father you would wish to have, understanding to his son’s woes and extremely warm. Played by Michal Sthuhlbarg, this hat could fit just one Indian head if you ask us, that of Anupam Kher.  He would be a daddy – enough to pull this off just as neatly as Michael.



  1. Ayesha Kapur as Marzia

Call me by your name

Marzia is the childhood friend Elio has his first sexual escapades with. The two have lived together all their life and share a bind strong enough to take the test of time. Played by Esther Garrel, we think Ayesha Kapur would be perfect for the role. She seems crazy enough to be Marzia and has proved her substance playing Helen Keller’s role in Black.


  1. Neena Gupta as Annella Perlman

Annella Perlman is an epitome of the perfect mother. She is stern where it is needed and caring when it comes to that. We pick Neena Gupta to portray the Mamma bear in the Bollywood remake because she would be that perfect cool but stern mommy.


  1. Maalvika Raaj as Chiara

Not one of the important roles, Chiara is the girl that Oliver is dancing on the dance floor sequence of the movie and ends up kissing. The most she does in the movie is making some of Elio’s girls want to be in her shoes, only to have a chance with Oliver. We pick Maalvika Raj to play the role of the carefree seductive girl on the floor. If you are wondering where you have seen her, keep guessing!

Got a better replacement for a role? Tell us in the comments.


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Six Bollywood Actors Who Can Play The Lead Roles "If Call Me by Your Name" Was Made In Bollywood
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