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Haruki Murakami-
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Have you ever heard about Haruki Murakami? If not, we recommend you to get your hands and soul quickly on the Murakami books because that exactly what one needs in their busy robotic life right now. The writing of the soulful author strikes you with surreal of fact and fantasy.

  • You live with it: The best part about the book is often the readers can connect to the protagonist of the story. It tells you the extraordinary of the ordinary life one lives in. As you read the book you start to realize that the author is highly observant and reports his life to every small detail.
  • Loved all over: Murakami is highly appreciated mostly in the western culture, but if you are someone who loves the countryside or hills, this is the book you need to get your hands on right now! One engages in beautiful scenic beauty and ones can feel the aesthetic vibes that the author has encapsulated. There is both Jazz and western mix with not inspirational but flair being counted on. It makes you realize that flaws are beautiful too!
  • He breathes life and intensity into the most humane issues: Today youth has an eagerness and thirstiness and both these factors have been counted in. One of the most loved books is Kafka on the shore. The work is unique and every person who reads this has a different outlook on how it turned up for them. The themes discussed mostly in Murakami books are mostly about depression and isolation. One can’t help but notice how the author has beautiful established a pattern. Just like in our lives the characters experience pain like in the book Norwegian Wood, the character Naoko experiences the pain of losing her lover due to suicide.

Haruki Murakami

  • Words are art here: If you are one of those few readers who like to pick out lines out their books then the Murakami books has a load of quotes (Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear. This one is our favorite!). The books trace altered states, of consciousness and being.

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