Must Read: The Best Books of 2018 So Far

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed
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Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

This year has been a year of great books so far, most of which are a treat to read. And mind you, that can’t be said about every year for not each year do books from every genre come out to be so enticing. So we decided to compile our choice for best books of 2018 for you guys. We voted and battled to fit in the best ten books of the year so far from different genres. If any of these is still not on your shelf, you have got to get it. These are the U-N-M-I-S-S-A-B-L-E 10. Find our choices for best books of 2018 below.


We have read almost all the best-reviewed books and out of those read books, we chose 10 best books, based on our experience, research on the web and the trends on various social media platforms. In all, you must read these books. If you have any other books listed in your best books of 2018 list, let us know in the comments.


Best Books of 2018- Book Buzzed

One of the best dystopias of the year, Red Clocks was a shattering new take on the anti-abortion laws many nations have. Leni Zumas has based this story on a world where abortion was once illegal in America. There is a Personhood Amendment that grants life and property to every embryo. Some women hailing from a small fishing town in Oregon have worked out a way across these rules for their well-being. However, Gin, a herbologist gets under the radar for being a ‘witch’ and their lives thus entwine. Thoroughly entertaining with some similarities to Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, this book is one of the best to have hit the shelf in January 2018

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

Set in the 1969 Brookline, this is a story about what would you make of life if you knew when you were going to die. The author used four siblings to tell us how our future shapes our destiny. In their adolescence Varya, Daniel, Klara and Simon set out to a fortune teller to learn about their future. Having learned about the next five decades of their life, the four choose diverse career paths but this event from their adolescence has affected their decisions in life. Filled with elements like fate, destiny and some magic, this book strikes all the right notes with the readers but has received mixed reviews.

Everything Here is Beautiful

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

Mira T Lee’s Everything here is beautiful combines together all the essential topics in one story. This book revolves around Lucia and Miranda, two protagonists with opposite preferences. Suffering from mental illness, Lucia is pregnant and having an affair with an illegal immigrant while juggling her issues. Miranda, on the other hand, has always tried to balance her family and make sense of the chaos. A beautiful story of family bonds, relationships, and struggles of a mentally impaired individual, Everything is Beautiful is Beautiful

Children of Blood & Bone

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood & Bone has been the biggest release of the year so far. Building her own universe with rivalries and rituals of West African tribes, the author presents a story of a brave girl Zelie. Her mother is wrongfully killed by the King and this is a tale of Zelie setting out to get her revenge to bring back magic to the land of Orisha. Controlling her magical powers and fighting her feelings for someone on the opposite side, Zelie’s journey made this book the most anticipated debut of the year.

The Mars Room

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

The Mars Room is a book full of dark humor about the young and witty Romy Hall, who finds herself in the Stanville Women’s Correctional facility after being awarded two life sentences. The book is an account of Romi’s life outside the prison and what follows after she is surrounded by hundreds of female inmates and violent women guards. The book uses humor to point out the flawed justice system, the flaw in the choices we make and many other things that are wrong with the world.


Best Books of 2018- Book Buzzed

Madeline Miller has brought to readers another unforgettable historical fiction read with Circe. The daughter of Helios, Circe is nothing like other Titan children. She lacks beauty and power. The feeling of being an outsider drives her to the mortal world where she learns of her occult powers. Using her witchcraft she can create monsters an defeat the Gods. Threatened, Zeus banishes her to the island among Icarus, Minotaur, Medea and other banished monsters and mortals. In love with a mortal, Circeis faced with the choice of picking either mortals or men. In Miller’s book, she tries to save the man she loves from the wrath of both mortals and Gods. A refreshingly modern voice, Miller’s storytelling and the charm of mythology make this book irresistible.

The Room on Rue Amélie

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

Set on the backdrop of World War II, The Room on the Rue is a nerve chilling story of four people from different walks of life coming together to fight against the Nazi forces. Nazi’s have recently taken control of France, killing several Jews and having them wear yellow stars on their sleeves. When an RAF pilot Thomas, a young girl Charlotte and a newlywed American, Ruby ‘s paths entwine, they stand a chance of surviving the mass killing of Jews.

From Lukov, With Love

Best Books of 2018 Book Buzzed

From Lukov, with Love is an emotional tale of a girl rising from her worst accident to go on and achieve her dream. But it doesn’t come so easy for Jasmine Santos. She receives an invitation to be a part of the figure skating competition as a partner to Ivan Lukov – a man she would rather kill in any other circumstances. This is a story of the most unlikely to exist duo achieving their dreams as figure skaters. Fun, peppy and ridden by Zapata’s beautiful writing style, this book is a treat.

Educated by Tara Westover

Autobiographies,Educated by Tara Westover, Book Buzzed

Set in rural Idaho, Westover’s memoir reveals the story of a girl who spends each day of her life within confined boundaries, self-educating herself and being prepared to die in an attempt to survive. Under usual circumstances, this girl would be expected to lead the life of Mormonism and perish in Idaho. However, Tara took the leap to join Cambridge, educating herself of things that were a part of their lives for others but a news to her.

The Controversial Princess

Best Books of 2018, Book Buzzed

Jody Ellen Malpas knits together a story of royalty, deceit, and love gone awry in The Controversial Princess. Adeline is not your average power-hungry royal. She’s aware of the many fronts that the royal family presents the world with to hide their brokenness and she wants no part of it. A rebel, she falls in love with a man who seems just her type but isn’t a royal – Josh Jameson. Alluring, controversial and daring, Josh hits the right notes of the princesses heart but what’s the future of this affair? A eulogy, the first book ends with a cliffhanger.

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