Lesser Known Asian Authors You Must Read ASAP

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Some fine work in English fiction comes from countries that aren’t English speaking. Asian countries and the obstacle-filled lives that their citizens have witnessed have given way to literature that has depth and sentiment to it. More often you will find the books from Asian authors to have a very realistic plot and maximum portrayal of human behavior under different circumstances. While not many characters written by these authors are portrayed as heroic and exceptional, they are certainly more relatable and realistic. Culture is another subject that doesn’t get more diverse than Asia and it contributes greatly to Asian literature. Find the list of some wonderful Asian Authors, who will surely give you some new reading goals.

If reality is your sin of choice, these are some Asian authors you will come to love if you read their work –




Criselda Yabes

A journalist from the Philippines, Criselda Yabes hasn’t written many books. But when speaking of quality her book Below the Crying Mountain is one of the most interesting novels you’ll read in a lifetime. Based on the Moro Rebellion that sprouted on the 1970s in Southern Philippines, this book brings to surface the unrest growing in this little island nation, where neighbors bring more troubles than the residents.

Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry’s books have been based around the lives of men of his city, men of little consequence. His first book, The Radiance of Ashes won Mistry a name and with the second book, Mistry had won an award, a place in the big league and an audience that eagerly awaits his next book. His books deal with issues of the soul and bring out an unseen side of the Asian communities like  Parsis, Zoroastrians, and Hindus.

Yoko Ogawa

Yoko Ogawa is one of the lesser known Japanese authors. His writing explores the unexplained little defects of human nature. Full of peculiar little details that add to the wondrous effect of his writing, Ogawa’s work The Housekeeper and the Professor received on several platforms. In this particular book, he uses the number theory, a source of joy for the brilliant mathematician to develop a love between him and the housekeeper. The precision and neatness of his writing made his book a bestseller in Japan.

Kenzaburo Oe

Little needs to be said about Kenzaburo, a Nobel laureate from Japan whose contribution to contemporary literature is bigger than some much-renowned names. His writing speaks not just for Japanese cultures but also explores American and French settings, His book The Changeling is one his widely appreciated works and one of those books you should have on your list of must-reads in this lifetime.

Min Jin Lee

Few authors have been able to do justice in portraying the culture and beauty of Korea like Min Jin Lee. Majorly working with Korean-American setups, Min Jin Lee’s books always have a deep-rooted connection to the homeland. It is how you can be armchair traveling with her books and getting to know about a culture that has remained shadowed for so long. Pachinko is one of her most loved works to date and remains a hot favorite among readers.

Ji Ji Jiang

If you have heard of Red Scarf Girl, you would know that we are talking about an author who connects exceptionally well with her readers. Jiang came in the public eye with the release of Red Scarf Girl and she is the finest contemporary author China has. A book about survival during the cultural revolution in China, her work has been compared to the likes of Malala and Anne Frank.


Kamila Shamsie

Kamila Shamsie has gained popularity with the release of her book Home Fire last year.  An author of Pakistani origin, Shamsie brings to readers the experiences that come with being a Muslim in the world of the fair folks. Home Fire hit a solid 10 in portraying how the ever-modernizing world fails to see the religion and the terrorists and two different things. Coming from a country that’s been rich with authors and poet’s, Shamsie certainly seems to be taking the legacy forward.

Samaira Singh

Author: Samaira Singh

Samaira is a bohemian and ardent traveler. She loves reading books from various authors belonging to different cultures. She is pursuing her Majors in English from Delhi University.