How exactly is the "thread" made by the thread rolling machine, hydraulically?2020-04-10 09:37

     “Thread rolling machine the popularity in the construction industry is very high now! So do you know how the threads are rolled out? We often talk about hydraulics, hydraulics and the like, what exactly does it mean? In fact, hydraulic pressure is a rational variation of some specific metal materials rolled by certain machines. During the rolling process, there is not much debris.


     The technology of rolling threads in the cold state has appeared since the 19th century, but the early technology is not perfect, and there is no specific thread rolling machine manufacturer to do this whole process. However, with the development and progress of science and technology, the hydraulic performance of the thread rolling machine has been further improved step by step. The new automatic thread rolling machine can now process all kinds of metal equipment, and the thread shape is also diverse. Various thread rolling machine manufacturers are also rushing to appear.


    However, the price of the equipment sold by thread rolling machine manufacturers on the market is high or low? That is because the type of rolling thread is not used, and the price of the thread rolling machine is also different. It is recommended that when choosing a thread rolling machine, you should not only see the function but also choose the application you meet, to avoid excessive costs.