Will the "blade" of the thread rolling machine break? check it out2020-04-10 09:37

      The service life of a device is not permanent, and it will be more or less faulty after a long time. In general, thread rolling machine manufacturers are less likely to talk about the blade of the thread rolling machine before selling the machine to you, so today we will take a look at how to prevent the thread rolling machine blade from breaking!


   First of all, when we choose the blade, we must follow the actual specifications of the machine, because the problem of fracture does not match the model because of a big factor. When you buy it, you must shop around or contact the thread rolling machine manufacturer for original parts. Some blades with bad materials are easily damaged during machine operation.


   After the blade is selected, the installation position must be correct and not misaligned. Misalignment is also one of the important causes of blade breakage, so you must install it carefully and carefully when installing. After installation, run the thread rolling machine to see if there are any problems. If there are no abnormalities, it can be used in the operation.


Finally, there is the problem of setting pressure. Some blades have poor bearing capacity. If the pressure is too large, it is easy to damage and consume the blade. Therefore, when setting the rolling pressure, you must be sure whether your own thread rolling machine blade can withstand this pressure. It can work normally if both parties meet.


  The above 3 points are my knowledge about popular science. I suggest that you choose not only the model but also the size of the material that it can withstand when choosing a thread rolling machine! Another point is that different types of thread rolling machines have different prices. Therefore, it is the most important thing to decide on all aspects before deciding to buy.