Hoop bending machine operation process and video2020-03-31 11:44

Operation process of fully automatic CNC steel bar bending hoop machine:

1. Check whether the performance of the steel bar bending machine is good, the operating table and the countertop of the steel bar bending machine cabinet should be maintained at a standard level;

2. According to the requirements of the diameter of the processed steel bar, the bending hoop machine installs the mandrel, forming shaft, iron shaft or variable block frame. The mandrel diameter should be 2.5 times the steel bar diameter.

3. Check that the main shaft, slider and turntable should be free from damage and cracks. The protective cover should be tight and reliable. The empty machine should confirm normal operation before operation.

4. During operation, insert one end of the bent steel bar into the gap provided by the turntable fixation, hold the other end close to the machine body and fix it, and press firmly with your hand to check the fixing of the machine body. It is indeed installed on the side that shields the reinforcement of the building to start.

5. It is strictly forbidden to replace the main shaft and change the angle and speed control operations during operation, nor to add oil or disassemble.

6. When bending steel bars, it is strictly forbidden to process the diameter and number of steel bars and the mechanical speed that exceed the mechanical requirements.

7. When bending high-hardness or low-alloy steel bars, the standard maximum limit diameter specified in the mechanical nameplate shall be used, and the corresponding main shaft shall be replaced.

8. It is strictly forbidden to stand inside the working radius of the bent steel bar and the side where the fuselage is not fixed. Bent semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, with the hooks not facing up.

9. When adjusting the speed of the roulette, it must be carried out after stopping.

10. End of work, clear the spot, maintain mechanical equipment, and close the power lock box.