Illuminae Files Trilogy- What The Fuss Is All About?

Illuminae Files Trilogy
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If you are somebody who follows science fiction or enjoy reading books with bombarding science lingo, you must have most probably come across the amazing Illuminae files series. Oh….if you haven’t yet, let me introduce to you to the popular sensation.

When Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff came up with the first book Illuminae in 2015, it gave rise to a lot of buzz among the readers. How a simple story of planet invasion attracted readers even of non-science fiction came up to taste the new sensation.


The year is 2575, Kady’s planet Kerenze has been invaded over war between two mega-corporations. Along with that, a deadly plague has been broken out and is mutating. Nobody knows what is going on. Kady goes to Hanna with the deadly news, where Hanna and Nik are about to confront the BiTech assault.

Somehow Kady, Ezra, Hanna, Nik escapes from Heimdall and found themselves in a container ship along with 2000 refugees. They are later joined by Asha and Rhys. Now is the time to fight the final battle. Are the heroes going to win or they have to sacrifice themselves?

Why do you need to read this Illuminae Files Trilogy?

The series is a sci-fi romance which takes place in distant future. The best part about the narrative is that it is created in such a way that anybody can enjoy the work.

You must be thinking how it is different from any other sci-fi. However, the question should be how is it not? Then let me tell you, the adventures and space thriller is not all black words on white pages. The book seems a compilation of imagery delights. Although the books are not following the conventional notions of an adult comic or a graphic novel. The book is told entirely through picture files, message conversations, emails, IMS, security camera footage, snaps, diary entries and hacked documents. It also contains detailed scientific diagrams of spaceships and their descriptions.

What else to expect?

The trilogy contains a lot of characters you will love reading. But the series features a character called AIDAN who has been widely liked and appreciated among the readers. The uniqueness about the character lies in the fact that AIDAN shouldn’t be called a character but eventually grows up to be one. The reason being AIDAN is Artificial Intelligence Defence Analytics Network, who grows human-like through the course of the narration. He is programmed such a way that he depicts human emotions such as humor, sorrow, loneliness and even jealousy.

The first two books focus on the struggles, intelligence and heroic attempts done by the characters to overcome the invasion. But the last book, the finale of the sci-fi romance trilogy comes with some real-life conclusions and morals. The series certainly doesn’t glorify war throughout but successfully puts the horror of warfare in the last book. It reminds the readers that war is brutal and the results are always devastating.

All three books are wonderfully stitched together. The trilogy is united by the wonderful illustrations, awesome elements, and surprises. The romance appears very innocent and natural.

     “ Live a life worth dying for ”

My take on the series is – if you are a sci-fi admirer and loves exploring new things, this series is going to take you on a wild ride and leaves you thrilled.

Suman Das

Author: Suman Das

Suman is a literature student and she likes prose more than verse; happy soul. She writes mostly on literary fiction.