Community Guidelines

Book Buzzed is an open community for readers of all from around the world, irrespective of their personal believes. We promote forward thinking, acceptance and an intellectual interactions among readers on this platform through various means of expression. Book Buzzed supports literary ideas, inclusivity, diversity, individual growth and feminism. The Community guidelines are as follows

Any comments that aim at demeaning, hurting or abusing another individual or belief, are explicit, or are found to be pointed against community guidelines can be deleted and the members can be blocked for such actions.

To ensure that we are able to stay true to these goals, these are the rules that every member needs to abide by. Breaking or going against these rules can result in permanent blocking of the member from the community and if the agitation further continues, legal action can be taken against the individual.

These are some things we keep in check at

  • Trying to defame, offend or point at another member, contributor, writer or cause on Book Buzzed.
  • Comments that are posted for promotional or personal marketing and irrelevent comments.
  • Any abusive or offensive comments posted while in a discussion or debate.


The Book Buzzed community welcomes one and all to join us for the common cause – The Love of Books and expects its members to be thoughtful and considerate.