Bookstagram 101 – 8 Things To Get You Started With Bookstagram

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Bookstagram has become one of the fastest growing communities on Instagram. With almost 2,13,00,000 posts under the segment, this community is a full-time profession for some or a medium of expressing their love for reading for others. But how to get bookstagramming right? We surfed over thousands of websites to bring you a best of 8 props that can help you set a stunning environment to click pictures. Take a look –

1. The right backdrop

White Bed Linens might look perfect in pictures but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to maintain them. A backdrop can come handy for such occasions. There are a variety of colors and designs available for backdrops. The MDF backdrops are the best and can last a lifetime. You can find these on @backdropsbyhana ‘s page. A pocket-friendly alternative to backdrops is fur. you can find it at your nearby hosiery store or on Amazon.

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@backdropsbyhana ‘s Feed

2. Food & Books

Your backdrop is ready, now time to fill that setup. Put a plate full of some homemade cookies on one side. Bite a cookie for the aesthetics of it and put it on top. It’s a universal fact that we bookworms got our paunch from snacking as we read. Get one of these artsy ceramics from @cyahi here –
if mother won’t let you use one of hers.

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3. Go Green!

Whatever you book might look like, put your little indoor plant on that backdrop and it will look warmer instantly. That’s the beauty of green. If you don’t have your indoor plant or succulent, get it from a local nursery or even better – get a terrarium and plant your own. Here’s where you can find the prettiest Terraniums here

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4. Light’s that guide you home!

Never underestimate what a fairy light can do to your pictures. Just let it lie along the sidelines and twinkle as you click to add that halo-like effect in your photographs. Even for a lazy day when you don’t want to go the mile, you can just wrap it along your arm, hold the book and click a glitzy picture in the dark.

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5. Artificial flowers

This one is no biggie, you have seen fake flowers making an appearance on almost every bookstagrammer’s feed. They are easy to find and add this character when paired with books that are based on themes like fantasy, magical realism and well, have a pretty cover! A smart way would be to buy those weeds, vines and baby’s breath bushes because they keep it looking subtle. Here’s where you can browse them –

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6. Dig Out Your Winter-wear!

You can either use the oldie but goldie tactic of putting your sweater and book in a way that it appears it is in your hand or you can just put it like a pile in the corner. It doesn’t do much except adding the element of coziness to the picture and admit it, we are suckers for that! Try using the very woolly looking bright ones – a mustard or a rust colored would look lovely.

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7. It’s the little things that count In Bookstagram

Look at this picture from @webookingloveit ‘s bookstagram feed. It has bits like some tangled jute rope, a dried out stem of a creeper, Pine flowers, some cinnamon sticks, a knitted throw blanket and another woollen piece of cloth. Then there is the book on the wood slice and the fairy lights. Most of the items here are everyday items put to use in the right way in this image. Find those little things – the props that are around you every day and put them to use.

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8. The beauty of me!

Don’t refrain from clearing out all the props and being one yourself on some days. When you can consider the photos of a person reading worthy enough of being your screensaver, why not be the center of attraction yourself? Wear your lights around your head maybe or just lie on your back and cover your face with the book. Experiment and ask for assistance – and you will be able to create magic!

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Find the drive for it, and half the job will already be done. Tell us what’s your secret for a perfect ‘hashtag bookstagram’ click.


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