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If you want to get the most undivided attentive account of how some great men & women came to be public figures we look up to, picking their autobiography is the way to go. Honest and true to the last word, autobiographies open to you a critique of the man by the man himself and that’s one of the many admirable traits s about great people.

We picked 10 autobiographies of great people who started where we are today and went on to win the world. Read them and you will value your days like you have never before.


My Experiments with Truth – Mahatma Gandhi

Autobiographies, Book Buzzed,My Experiments with truth

Greatness doesn’t come in genes or with the digits in your bank account, it comes from taking the stand every time something wrong is being done. Gandhi started taking stands very early in his life but it was after he had made the mistakes every teen does, like smoking and stealing.


I know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou

Autobiographies, Book Buzzed, I know Why the Caged Bird Sings

While Many might argue whether Caged Bird Sings is an autobiography or not, the accounts of black childhood that Maya Angelou presents in the book speak for themselves. The harrowing story tells how Angelou grew listening and watching to the indignities her community went through and chose to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. If anything, it leaves you with an insight about how privileged you are for the life you lead.

The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

Autobiographies, The diary of a Young Girl, Book Buzzed

Anne Frank’s autobiography is the most inspiring and true account of a person’s life you will read. Made into a book from a journal she maintained while she and her family were in hiding from the Nazis for two years, the book shows the struggles of a teenage girl, her bouts of anger, her coming of age, romances and many other facets of her character. Pick this one up for its genuine and relatable interpretation of the life of a teenager.

I am Malala – Malala YousafzaiAutobiographies,I am Malala, Book

Malala Yousafzai’s journey from one of Pakistan’s most backward regions to almost all revered stages of the world goes through a gunshot in the head.  The price a young girl had to pay for raising her voice to be educated has today become the reason behind the education of hundreds and thousands of girls. I am Malala is a book that restores faith in the little good that’s left in the world and why it is still a world worth fighting for.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Autobiographies, Book Buzzed

Malcolm X’s autobiography is inspiration put into an account. It is enough to restore your faith in the fact that it is never too late to change and start afresh.  A man who was once behind the bars for his actions, Malcolm X steered his ship in an entirely different direction and is today one of the most revered black politicians of all time in America. His belief in Islam and his desire to be passionate made him into the man he was.

Long Walk from Freedom – Nelson Mandela

Long Walk from Freedom

The best men in history have known the darkest nights and seen their fears in the face. Nelson Mandela has been one such figure. His fight for human rights and anti-apartheid took from him some precious years. He strived until South Africa had its freedom, a majority congress and equal rights for its citizens, whatever their skin color might be. You finish this book with the realization that life isn’t lived to fullest by just enjoying the sun, facing the gallows for a cause can be living to the fullest too.

My Inventions by Nikola Tesla

Autobiographies, My Inventions by Nikola Tesla, Book Buzzed

Let’s discuss the obvious things about Tesla and put them aside – he was a genius, way ahead of his time and much bigger than scientists celebrated more than him. But when you read Tesla’s autobiography you will realize he was, like all imaginative people very humane, extremely humorous and enjoyed the company of ladies as much as they enjoyed his. He suffered his fair share of mental disorders too and you realize if he could do so much while juggling and fighting his mental and social situation, so can we.


Admissions: Life of Henry Marsh

Autobiographies, Admissions: Life of Henry Marsh, Book Buzzed

Henry Marsh is a neurosurgeon and Admissions is the story of his life as a man who has operated in the best and the worst of circumstances, under changes that offer the best and the worst of outcomes. His love for medicine, his life as a student and his experiences with patients one step away from death have all contributed to his becoming Henry Marsh, the neurosurgeon we come to love through these pages. Read for yourself and you will find love for the faces that you haven’t known beyond their profession and title


The Story of My Life – Helen Keller

The Story of My Life – Helen Keller, Autobiographies, Book BuzzedIt doesn’t get worse than being denied the use of your sense, for we love our life because of them. Helen Keller was denied 40% of her life ever since she was born due to her deafness and blindness. It’s silent and dark for her and so freedom means nothing. Not knowing colors and faces, Keller managed to live 100% by learning to read, write and know the world through the sense of touch. In times of weakness, this book can be your source of courage because to fight again man is worthy of praise but to win against nature is a miracle.

Educated by Tara Westover

Autobiographies,Educated by Tara Westover, Book Buzzed

Written by a woman who has never faced the world until she turns 17, Tara writes about her life as a child that was spent in Idaho. Her father was a conservative man and mother was a healer. She was devoid of any education except for self-taught Math and grammar. When she finally comes to terms with the real world, Tara realizes she is not equipped for what awaits. A story of self-discovery and growth, Educated is a book that empowers and teaches you to trust yourself when caught in a tempest.

The Change lies within and these autobiographies can surely motivate you to do something for the greater good of yourself and humanity.

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