“An American Marriage” Is Being Made Into A Movie & We Could’t Be More Excited.

An American Marriage
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When Tayari Jones’ book ‘An American Marriage’ released earlier this year and all the reading community could see and hear for a few days was praises for this book. The wrongful conviction of a husband leads to a broken marriage in this story of love, sacrifices, and a nation’s misleading policies.  The book was picked for Oprah’s Book Club, which bought it further into the limelight. And Oprah finally announced a few days ago that she was working on the movie based on this book.

Lonnell Williams tweeted to Oprah mentioning he had enjoyed reading it to which she responded saying “Now working on producing the movie”. The idea of this bestseller being made into a movie has many people excited at the prospect. Tayari Jones, the author of the book, tops the charts. She retweeted Oprah’s tweet saying she couldn’t stop smiling about it! We don’t blame you Tayari, neither can we. Known for her books like Leaving Atlanta and Silver Sparrow, Tayari’s earlier books haven’t been as popular among the crowds as An American Marriage. Her next book – ‘Agents in Place’ is set to release later this year.

Just as her show and her real-life efforts, Oprah’s Book Club has been known for being supportive to social issues like racial differences and class system too. A lot of black people are given an audience and support through her platforms. In 2016, Queen O selected Colson Whitehead’s Underground Railroad for her Book Club and the book went on to win Pulitzer for Literature in fiction category in 2017.

Having lived a life of hardship herself, Oprah does her bit to make the lives of the Colored Americans easier. Contrary to popular belief, the USA still has a society that differentiates based on color tones. The majority of people wrongfully convicted in the USA happen to be Black Americans and in some cases, their skin color is considered enough to convict them. Books such as An American Marriage are not just trying to tell a story, they also bring about a change, although slow into the society. With it being made into a movie, it reaches even the audience that doesn’t read and that’s a good place to start.

The book begins with a peek into the not so perfect marriage of Roy and Celeste. They have a marriage just like any other – having its fair share of love and complications. Obstacles take over when Roy is convicted of a felony he hasn’t committed. Inclined to stay loyal to her husband, Celeste couldn’t stand firm through the test of time and gets into a romantic relationship with her best friend Andre. Things fall apart when years later, Roy is acquitted and comes home to his wife who is now having an affair with a friend of hers. An emotional rollercoaster of a read, it was one of the most anticipated books of 2018.

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