About Us


The Concept

Good books come in all genres, all sizes and from all parts of the world. At Book Buzzed,  we bring you unfiltered book recommendations and reviews. We understand that a reader can love YA and Dystopia at the same time, that Milan Kundera and L.M. Montgomery can both appeal to some. So welcome to books without boundaries, a tribe that accepts books from all genres, countries, ethnicities and age groups.

Our Story

Book Buzzed comes from a bunch of unconventionals who believe that if you like them, books can be your best friends. There is something written for everybody and at Book Buzzed, we want to help you find it. So keep looking until you find the 'one'.

Meet the Team

Our writers come from all age groups. Some are passionate, some are practical. What we have in common is our love for talking about books. We love discussing books as much as we love reading them.

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Next Steps...

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