7 Books That Are Perfect Monsoon Reads – Curl Up & Grab A Cuppa

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Book Buzzed, Rainy Day
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Monsoon has started hitting different parts of India. With the rains, come those lazy vibes that make you lust a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Rainy day books should either be a total emotional rollercoaster with a slow plot or a bang on the thriller that just won’t let you blink. If it doesn’t meet one of those criteria, it will probably make me doze off. Whatever it is that you crave on a breezy, lazy day as it pours, we have a bit of everything listed below. Choose one of these 10 doors that seems to be leading to your idea of heaven and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest.


Book Buzzed, Walden

This book has received as many positive remarks as negative and rightfully so. Walden by Henry David Thoreau is a slow progressing book with a lot of philosophical depth to it. You cannot expect to read it in just any mood and enjoy it. Thoreau captures the imagination of a melancholic reader with his descriptions of the colorless sky while he is caught inside a cabin in the woods. If it hits the right notes and if you are in the mood for a slow melancholic read, you are in for a treat my friend.


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell

Jonathan STRANGE and Mr. Norell

In truth, this book doesn’t have a single flaw. Binding, Magical realism and history together in a beautiful 19th-century story of England we haven’t seen, this book won’t let you use a bookmark. Although the length of the book might suggest otherwise. English Magicians with their fairy servants are losing their livelihood as the age of science ascends over the old English society. But something strange happens with the two protagonists with opposite theories come together. This book will leave you asking for more long after the pitter patter of the raindrops has stopped.

Between the World and Me

Between The World And Me

If you are ready to take on the bitterness of this world, pick Ta-Nehisi Coate’s Between The World & Me.  Written in a very Hemingway like the style this book talks about America and its false foundation. It unravels the myth that Americans call their reality – that they are a civilization which believes in the concept of race and equality. In reality, America has been a symbol of one superficially powerful race abusing the rights of another. The book shows how fraudulent the concept of power based on the color of an individual’s skin is. Ta-Nehisi Coate shares his struggles as a black man through lessons learned in his life with his son in this book. It packs a powerful punch, is a short read and will leave you wondering, thoughtful and wanting to do more.


Otessa Moshfegh’s Eileen is the titular character’s pitiable and dreary story and it doesn’t have a happy ending! Eileen leads the most unhappening life possible for her which revolves around living with a drunkard dad and working as a secretary in Moorehead, a prison for boys. She finds enjoyment in petty things like shoplifting, fantasizing about boys and stalking a rather hefty prison guard. With Rebbecca St. John’s arrival, things take a happy turn but suddenly turn sour for Eileen. Pitiable like The Girl on the Train, this book is what the word mindboggling exists for. Longlisted for the Man Booker 2017, Eileen is a worthy read for a lazy rainy day.


Home Fire

Home Fire, Book BuzzedA story builds on the foundation of love and sacrifices, Home Fire is the cream in the genre of Literary Fiction. Isma, a strong-willed Muslim, had killed her dreams to take care of her siblings after her mother died. Her father was a Jihadi and her brother follows the steps to avenge their father’s death. Years later, Ilma gets a chance to pursue her dreams but the series of events that follow lead her into a tumultuous relationship with Eammon and probably her once chance at finding love.


Stay with Me

Stay With Me, Book Buzzed

Ayobami Adebayo’s Stay With Me is a story of a marriage caught in a political turmoil of the Nigeria of the 80’s. Black and women, Yejide is flattened under the weight of two burdens that she will have to carry all her life and her inability to get pregnant does little to help her situation. When her mother in law proposes another marriage for her husband, Yejide can’t help but fight for it for it will bring more heartbreak. This book brings to table a salad of African culture, some family drama and a story never told before.


Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 Book Buzzed

If you are craving some dystopia and science fiction, Fahrenheit 451 is the book to pick on a monsoon afternoon. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns. This book talks about a world where books are burnt, firemen set a fire, flowers bloom on flowers rather than rain and sun. Did you get the gist?  Well, it’s a book showing the society the mirror it needs to look into in order to free itself from the shackles of media’s destruction and walled mindset.


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